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TII continuously reviews, updates and develops the documentation within TII Publications on an ongoing basis. The key drivers for development of the TII Publications are as follows:

  • Sustainability
  • Developments in international standards
  • Technical developments (materials, products, systems)
  • Feedback from national roads projects
  • Conclusions of research projects
  • Developments with TII policies
  • Compliance with the EU regulations
  • Representation from industry

The list below provides a summary of review work currently under way which will lead to future updates as noted.


Users should contact for further information, especially in the event that users are close to a significant forthcoming Tender or Contract date, or the publication of an application for Statutory Consent. 


Anticipated Updates to Standards and Technical Documents

Structures (STR)




The procedure for the Technical Acceptance of Road Structures on Motorways and other National roads is currently being reviewed with a view to publishing the revised procedures mid-2017.

The criteria for the design of road bridges and gantries for vehicle collision loads is also being reviewed with the associated updated document due for publication also in mid-2017.


Geometry (GEO)

The update to the geometric design standards for road link and junction design are currently undergoing final reviews prior to publication, including the development of a combined Geometric Design of Junctions standard.

The current Guidance on Minor Improvements to National Roads is to be updated to provide further guidance in relation to retrofitting of existing National Road junctions and also to outline the requirements for a preliminary design report for National Road Schemes in an urban setting.

These documents are scheduled for publication in Q2 2017.


Pavement (PAV)

Technical documents are being developed for the use and approval of Crack Sealing and Joint Repair Systems. These documents are scheduled for publication in 2017 pending the completion of industry consultation.

A review of possible improvements to the current pavement design methodology within TII Publications is currently being undertaken: no publication date has been set for any potential revised documentation.


Roadside Equipment (REQ)

The safety barrier and bridge parapet design documents are currently being reviewed with the intention of combining the two documents to become a single design document for Vehicle Restraint Systems. Various other technical items within the existing standards and specification are also being reviewed. The associated documentation is scheduled for publication in 2017.


Project Management Guidelines (PMG)

The Project Management Guidelines are currently being updated to meet the operational needs of TII. A guideline document is being developed which will provide an overview of the project management process implemented by TII. An associated manual is also being developed which will provide project managers with more detailed guidance on the management of projects.



The road safety publications associated with the EU Directive on Road Infrastructure Safety Management have been in use now for several years. A review and potential update is being considered based on the experience of implementing these documents since their publication.


Lighting (LHT)

The requirements for road lighting on National Roads are being reviewed so as to inform any updates to the associated design standards and specification. Current practices for energy efficiency will be incorporated.