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TII continuously revises, updates and develops the documentation within TII Publications.

The key drivers for development of the TII Publications are as follows;

  • Sustainability
  • Developments in international standards
  • Technical developments (materials, products, systems)
  • Feedback from national roads projects
  • Conclusions of research projects
  • Developments with TII policies
  • Compliance with the EU regulations
  • Representation from industry

A programme of work packages is currently underway which will lead to updates to TII Publications in the near future. The current list of anticipated publications and their estimated publication dates are provided below.


This list of anticipated publications is subject to change at any time without notification. Users should contact for further information, especially in the event that users are close to a significant forthcoming Tender or Contract date, or the publication of an application for Statutory Consent. 

Activity Stream Significance of Change Estimated Publication
DN STR Update to DN-STR-03001 Quarter 2 2016
CC PAV Development of TII Publication Technical documents on the use and approval of Crack Sealing and Joint Repair Systems  Quarter 2 2016
DN GEO Update to various TII Publication Standards addressing the treatment of pedestrians on the rural national road network. Quarter 2 2016
DN REQ Update to various TII Publication Standards addressing safety barrier retrofit on legacy national routes.  Quarter 3 2016
CC - Update to various TII Publication Standards relating to Special Structures and Fencing and Environmental Noise Barriers Quarter 3 2016